What You Missed - December 2009 General Meeting
By Rob Earhart, SREIA Director

Speed  Networking

At the December Suncoast REIA General Meeting on Tuesday, December 1, 2009, SREIA initiated a program called "Speed Networking," based on speed dating.

Vince Pizzitola presented the program of "How to Network Successfully." In his presentation, he outlined the steps to follow in getting your point across quickly and succinctly.

Step one is to know what you have in mind for the end result. Create your "Elevator Speech," a 15 - 30 second introduction explaining what your business is, what you are looking for, what someone can do for you, and what you can do for them.

After you exchange information, you must follow up with an e-mail, phone call, or letter, thanking them for their input and for keeping you in mind for business.

After explaining how to speed network, we arranged in four lines, alternating so that one line faced the other. We had two minutes to give our "elevator speech" then alternated with the other side having two minutes to give theirs. After four minutes we shifted, so we could meet with other speed networkers.

Within an hour we had the opportunity to meet with at least 15 to 20 people. Taken to the next level, we can see where "Speed Networking" can lead you to make many more contacts which will increase your business relationships.

Comments made after the meeting were positive about the contacts made, but since we could not meet with every person, there may be a "follow-up" speed networking meeting in the future.

Remember that networking will allow you to expand your business as long as you do it and continue to follow up on your contact.

Have a successful year in 2010 and continue to learn to meet, greet and make money.


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